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Jor'dan Armstrong - Champion recensie


kan je bijna geen albums meer kopen waarvan 90% van het album een hit zou kunnen zijn. Helemaal op het gebied van R&B  is het boring en de nummers zijn afgezaagd. Dat is helaas ook wel eens zo in de gospel R&B. De new kid on the block Jor'dan Armstrong heeft daar verandering in gebracht. Zijn album Champion is een bijna perfect album. De 17 track disc is zooooooo goed. Het album begint met het relaxe Champion. God is zijn kampioen.

Introducing Chris McClarney


Dankzij het internet horen we tegenwoordig veel meer van artiesten, waar je in het verleden nooit iets van zou horen. Dat was voor mij het geval met Chris McClarney. Ik kwam zijn muziek toevallig op het internet tegen op een aparte gospelblogsite. In America is hij een bekende aanbiddingleider, maar ik kende hem echt niet.

Toby Mac - Tonight


Toby Mac is een van de meest succesvolle gospelartiesten op deze aardbol. Zijn albums zijn altijd veelzijdig en vol energie. Zijn nieuwe album Tonight is weer een album dat je meeneemt op een reis langs vele muzikale wegen. De eerste single City On Our Knees is een groot succes in de VS. Er werden meer dan 17.000 exemplaren in de eerste week van verkocht.

Claude Deuce - Young Elder


The last couple of weeks my Ipod had to work overhours. Ever since I heard the album Young Elder by Claude Deuce I don’t want to listen to anything else. Claude Deuce is a seasoned artist and that’s obvious when you listen to his album. He has written and produced it himself. The disc is one of the best I heard in years! The first single It Ain’t Over is an encouragement anthem for every christian who is going through a dark time.

Sara Groves - O holy night


Are you done with Christmas songs like ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ or ‘All I want for Christmas is you’? Have you heard ‘Flappie’ too many times on the radio? In other words, do you want to hear something refreshing with the holidays? But you don’t know what to choose? In that case Sara Groves is the answer to your questions.

Marvin Winans jr. - Image Of A Man


The Winans family is one of the most famous gospel families in the world. The talent in this family is of the charts. Now the latest album of one the youngest members is one of the,  if not the best album of 2008. Marvin Winans Jr. has released his independent cd Image Of A Man. The album is a complete and perfect R&B/pop disc. The album starts of with the title song Image of A Man. A song that tells us that we are made in the image of God. It tells about 1 Corinth. 13.

Mary Mary - The Sound


Who can gorget the hit Shackles. It was the R&B hit of 2000. It still is one of the few gospel songs that was such a hit in the mainstream market. The girls of Mary Mary are still here after such a long time. Every album they released went gold or platinum. After their cd Mary Mary in 2005 the girls seemed to have dissapeared, but now they're back! The sisters Tina and Erica think they are unpredictable and they maybe right.

Lecrae - Rebel


Who would have thought 10 years ago that gospel hip hop would be as good or even better than secular hiphop.  A decade ago the beats in gospel hip hop were lame and outdated. You couldn't even call it rap or hip hop.  That's all in the past now. This year several christian artists released a great hip hop album.

DJ Morph - International


DJ Morph use to be the top DJ of Beatmart. He used to mix the Best Of Submissions series. After 3 mixalbums with Beatmart he delivers his own independent album International. The album has the same concept, but the disc is much better and it maybe the best hip hop compilation that has been released in years. There are so many tracks on the album that it’s impossible to write a review that describes the quality and the debt of this album, but we will do our best.

Guvna B - The Narrow road


Guvna B is taking The Narrow Road. The focused young man has made a super album. But he says that he would not have made it without his source: God. God is the one for who he lives.  He's one of those rare artists that we do not see that much any more. He's not only super talented, bu